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How to Make Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are tasty and exciting starters to a meal and are easy to make. The constituents needed for preparing chicken wings are vegetable oil, chicken and flavor (in various preferences of crust or batter and marinade). First and foremost, the skin of the chicken is taken out.

Then, the chicken is immersed in the added marinade. A marinade of the desired preference (most preferably tandoori) is prepared and applied to the chicken. The mixture is then kept aside for a minimum of two hours. This allows the flavors to stick well with the chicken.

After two hours, the chicken is turned around and immersed in the buttermilk or egg batter. This mixture is kept aside for two hours again. After two hours, a blend of bread crumbs, flour or crushed crackers is prepared and the chicken is turned over into it. A deep boiling pan is filled with vegetable oil and a cloth-wrapped big plate is kept by the oven.

The oil is warmed until it starts cracking. Then, five chicken wings are introduced at the same time and rested tenderly in the oil. The wings are turned sporadically for around five minutes using a big spoon or spatula to fry all their sides. Then, they are taken out of the oil and laid for service.

Indian food on international platters

Food is the source of energy for surviving. Indians are now spread all over the world but it is very hard to get Indian food abroad. We are known as people, who love to eat varieties of food. Many Indian restaurants have been opened in many places all over the world but Indians are fond of homemade food that requires Indian spices, vegetables, fish etc. We also prepare different types of dishes with rice. Vegetables that have Indian flavors are popular amongst food lovers all over the world.

Other than vegetarian dishes, there are different types of non vegetarian dishes that are very much popular among Indians like chicken curry, mutton curry, egg curry, fish curry, etc. The variety of cuisines that are prepared, stretching from north India to west and south India, is really mesmerizing. India is a vast country with varied types of food items. We have Guajarati food, Marathi food, Bengali food, South Indian food etc. All these types of food have their different taste and recipes.

These export companies which supply Indian food abroad help not only Indians but also people all over the world to taste Indian food in their own country. Moreover, they also try to reach people across the globe so that they can cater the taste of Indian food all over the world.

Eat Healthy and Tasty Food Using Spices

India is world famous for spices. Spices add variety to the food we eat. It makes our food tasty and nutritious. Moreover, spices also have medicinal qualities. Spices are used in many households as homemade remedies for some illnesses like cold and cough, fever, problem in digestion, headache, burns etc.

Some of the spices are daily used for cooking different food items. This is because it helps in keeping healthy and hearty and keeps away diseases. Few common spices of daily use are bay leaf, cardamom, chilli, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, turmeric, mustard etc. Bay leaf has antifungal and anti bacterial qualities, so it helps in keeping away cold and cough and is also good for curing arthritis. Cardamom helps in digestion and checks bad breath. It is also good for controlling diabetes. Chilli has antioxidants which burns calorie and keeps our body in proper shape. Garlic has antibiotic qualities; therefore, it is good for controlling cough and cold. Ginger when added to any food while cooking it not only enriches the taste of the food but also helps in digesting food.

Many companies or organizations export good quality spices to varied countries across the globe. is an organization that provides export quality spices and is helping in aggravating the taste of food in different parts of the world. So, eat tasty and nutritious food and keep healthy.

Exploring the goodness of vegetables and fruits

Probably; since you were in kindergarten, you have been told to eat fruits and vegetables as they make you healthy and keep your body functioning properly. Until the time you grow up, your mom takes full responsibility of feeding you and ensuring you eat all necessary nutrients, even though you hate them! However, once you are all grown up, and make your own decisions, many-a-times, you tend to ignore the benefits of these basic foods, thus leading your body towards damage.

Fruits and vegetables are an integral part of our diet. They form the basis of our intake for vitamins and minerals. They are nature’s gift to our body so that our body can rejuvenate. Five servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis are recommended by nutritionists for a healthy lifestyle.


Live in the healthy world of fruits and vegetables. What’s in it for you?

Good Health: Everyone wants to maintain their health and avoid health problems. The right intake of fruits and vegetables will keep you healthy and strong.

Prevention against diseases: Research shows that people who eat large quantities of fruits and vegetables are less prone to chronic diseases like stroke, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. as compared to those who eat small amounts of fruits and vegetables.

Best source of energy: A glass of fresh fruit juice in the morning will help you get through the day with much more energy and vigour. In the middle of your work day, have an apple to get rid of the stress and bounce back to work!

Mental Health: Many studies have shown that fresh fruits and vegetables don’t just improve your physical health; they also improve your mental state of being.

Physical Stamina: Athletes are always advised to have a diet rich of fruits and vegetables. You can work efficiently if your mind and body are functioning at their best. And, this is achieved with adequate intake of fruits and vegetables at regular intervals.

Good Hair: In the growth of your hair, your food intake plays a vital role. Eating tomatoes, apples, pear and green leafy vegetables will help you flaunt long and shiny hair!

Skin Care: Flawless skin is flaunted every day through various cream and soap ads. However, the most essential aspect to good skin is good food. Eat great, look great!

Weight Management: A healthy diet will help you in managing your weight. Many people eat only fruits and vegetables to reduce weight and it has worked wonders.

Taking care of your body is as important as taking care of your studies, work and home. If your body is fit and functioning, all other aspects of your life will automatically improve and give better results.

Eat healthy, stay healthy!