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How to Make Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are tasty and exciting starters to a meal and are easy to make. The constituents needed for preparing chicken wings are vegetable oil, chicken and flavor (in various preferences of crust or batter and marinade). First and foremost, the skin of the chicken is taken out.

Then, the chicken is immersed in the added marinade. A marinade of the desired preference (most preferably tandoori) is prepared and applied to the chicken. The mixture is then kept aside for a minimum of two hours. This allows the flavors to stick well with the chicken.

After two hours, the chicken is turned around and immersed in the buttermilk or egg batter. This mixture is kept aside for two hours again. After two hours, a blend of bread crumbs, flour or crushed crackers is prepared and the chicken is turned over into it. A deep boiling pan is filled with vegetable oil and a cloth-wrapped big plate is kept by the oven.

The oil is warmed until it starts cracking. Then, five chicken wings are introduced at the same time and rested tenderly in the oil. The wings are turned sporadically for around five minutes using a big spoon or spatula to fry all their sides. Then, they are taken out of the oil and laid for service.