In India, soyabean ranks third in oilseeds after groundnut and mustard. Containing about 40% protein and 20% oil, soyabean is considered to be very nutritious for people of all age groups. We; at Jamal Food Exports understand the importance of 100% pure soyabean and hence ensure to supply soyabean which is high on quality with high proportions of unsaturated fatty acids.

Soya oil is believed to be immensely helpful for the human body. We are open for both small and big orders for soyabean and soya oil. As per customer’s requirements, we pack soyabean in jute bags, loose containers, PP bags etc, ensuring that the quality of product remains in-tact. We possess the largest range of value added soya products in entire Asia. With our in-house PCR testing lab, we ensure 100% fit-for-consumption nature of all the soya products and pulses supplied by us.

Soya products exported by us include:

  • High protein soya flakes
  • Golden Yellow Soyabeans
  • Soya full fat flour
  • Soya oil
  • Soya lecithin powder and many more

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