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Jamal Food Exports have excelled in providing quality food products to the customers. Be it in the middle east countries or anywhere across the world, we have been consistent with our promise to keep you healthy with nutritious food items. With the progress of time, we have widened the range of our products and we bring to you some of the finest qualities of pulses, rice, spices, organic products, packaged food, meat, chicken, mutton, seafood, etc. Our team at Jamal Food Exports include trained professionals and dedicated humans who involve themselves at each step of exports. The team ensures picking up of quality products, process and pack them with care for you and then, delivers right on time to meet your requirements as per orders.

Jamal Food Exports are an ISO certified company and have all legal permissions in place to export the food items as per industry norms. We intend to serve customers with full confidence in terms of processes involved in exports. The food products provided by us are packed with goodness of nutrients, freshness of farms and cleanliness of processes involved.....Read More

Featured Products

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Pulses are quintessential food items on any diet menu, Jamal Food Exports provides this high source of protein in superior quality.

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Excellent source of carbohydrates, Jamal Food Exports serves good quality rice on the platter.

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The taste of the food is enhanced using spices sold by Jamal Food Exports. Spices are picked from selected vendors and are brought to the customer’s table.

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Jamal Food Exports ensures fresh quality of vegetables are provided to its esteemed customers.

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The team of experts pick up fruits only from top quality orchards and farms, so that the quality of the fruits sold is not compromised.

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Organic Products

The complete range of organic products ensures that you stay healthier and fitter.

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Packaged Food

Jamal Food Exports bring to you very tasty food packed with freshness of ingredients used and goodness of nutrients kept intact.

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Jamal Food Exports have tied up with hygiene conscious poultry farms for procurement and supply of excellent quality of eggs.