We claim to enhance the taste of your food with our range of spices.

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Get mesmerized with the fragrance of the superb quality of spices bought from Jamal Food Exports

Jamal Food Exports is famous for delivering excellent quality of organic Indian spices to middle east nations. The taste and aroma these spices add to your food is beyond the best experience. We have a range of customers who come back to us specially for buying our range of spices because it gives them ultimate satisfaction of eating very tasty food. A high quality standard is maintained while delivering organic Indian spices to the customers.

Varieties of organic spices offered by us are as follows:

  • image Cardamom (Elaichi – Green and Black)
  • image Pepper
  • image Chillies
  • image Ginger
  • image Turmeric
  • image Mustard Seeds (Rai)
  • image Tejpatta (Bay Leaves)
  • image Kesar (Saffron)
  • image Curry Powder and Oils
  • image Mint
  • image Others

Key Features of Spices

Superior Quality

We offer excellent quality of aromatic and flavourful organic Indian spices to satisfy the taste buds of all.

Variety of Organic Spices

We are known for the range of organic spices we offer to consumers because of its freshness, origin and effective pricing.

Supply for food chains

Not only to consumers, the organic Indian spices are also sold to a chain of restaurants etc. so that they serve a large community of people with great tasting food.


There are wide range of customers across the globe who are being served with authentic organic Indian spices.

Specification of the Product

Sr No. Particulars Specification
1. Appearance Good
2. Odour Natural
3. Consistency Good
4. Particle Size Uniform
5. Solubility Good
6. Shelf Life High
7. Colour Shade Natural
8. Storage Condition Freshness intact

Contact us today for an instant quote on our range of Indian spices that will surely satisfy your taste buds to the fullest.