To keep it fresh , full of flavors and tasty, We layer it up for You!

Packaging is the first impression of anything served to you. Not just the inside quality of food items brought to you are of significance for us, but also, the outer layer is made attractive and aesthetic.

Jamal Food Exports believe in providing good quality food products and bringing them to you intact with appropriate packaging. While we export across the world, there are three layers of packaging on our food products - an outer layer, an intermediate layer and an immediate layer. The packaging of food items is done with utmost care so that there is no leakage or spillage. The team of experts in our company use strong containers, they brace them, distribute weight equally of the food items being exported, seal the containers and also they keep a check that the filler items or packets used in between to fill spaces are resistant to moisture.

There are various ways in which packaging can be done, it can be done using boxes, cartons, cans, containers, etc. Jamal Food Exports use packing layers as per the suitability of the product being exported. For example, when meat it to be exported, prior to taking it to cold storage for exports, it is frozen in carton boxes. Whereas when we pack aromatic food for you, like ground spices, we use aluminium pouches and over it a carton box as the intermediate layer. Thus, packaging means holding, organizing and protecting of items stored for exports.

Important features of our packaging activity include the following

  • Clarity on Item Packed – We make sure proper labeling is done on the outer layer of the packed item as well, so that it is easier for the importer to sort, grade and distribute.
  • Safe Packing – We make an effort to deliver the goods with our safe packing techniques and frequent sanitization at all steps of packaging.
  • Cost Effective Packing – The packaging of food items done is low on cost due our techniques and team of experts.
  • Environment Friendly Packaging – It is our deliberate effort to use environmentally friendly material like recycled plastic, recycled paper,etc. to safeguard hazards to mother nature.

We intend to bring to you an attractive looking quality product, so that we receive
repeat orders from you.