We bring to you farm fresh eggs loaded with proteins

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Jamal Food Exports supplies range of Eggs to suit every Eggitarian’s requirement.

Over the years of experience, Jamal Food Exports have become one of the leading exporters of Eggs in the middle east part of the world. The connections established with various poultry farms have helped our company to bring you the best quality eggs with no complaints received so far. Our committed efforts have ensured that eggs with required protein levels reach consumers. There are various checks through which our consignment of eggs goes through before reaching you. The recommended quality tests are performed on eggs fetched from various poultry farms, so that, no stone is left unturned in providing high quality product to you.

The department of animal husbandry has certified our eggs to be safe for human consumption. There is the right amount of calorie content, vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, etc. in eggs supplied by us. The eggs are graded as per their quality and packed accordingly as per consumers requirement. For example, brown eggs are higher in protein content and are suitable for sports-person or gym goers or alike people. Whereas, white eggs are low in protein content and can be consumed on a daily basis by normal human beings. Jamal Food Exports have an expertise to supply bulk orders of over 1 million eggs to various countries in the Middle East.

The features of the eggs selection and supply process at Jamal Food Exports are as follows



Appropriate mechanism for weighing of egg packets is available at our packaging warehouses.


Hair Cracks

Each picked egg is checked using the machine and if found with a hair crack,then is kept out of the final packing lot.


Dirty Eggs

No compromise is made with hygiene standards and UV sanitization takes place of each egg lot before packing.



We bring you best quality eggs picked up fresh from selected poultry farms to fulfill your nutritional requirements.



with proteins, eggs provided by us give you every nutrient needed in your diet.



Excellent packing to ensure no damage is done to eggs, that are fragile eating items.


Loading ability

Experienced with serving over 1 million customers, loading is never a problem for our company.


Delivery time required

The delivery time required is as per the stipulated and allocated time to each customer for supply of eggs.


Payment Terms

Fair payment terms and modes are practiced whether the order is in bulk or in retail form.

Reach out to us on following number and place your orders now